Florida: Elderly Man Fined $30,000 – Government Plans to Steal His Home Because His Grass Was Too Tall

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Government Fines Elderly Man $30K, Trying to Steal His Home Because His Grass Was Too Tall By Matt Agorist Dunedin, FL – Jim Ficken is not a criminal, has never been in jail, and is a model citizen in the town of Dunedin, Florida.

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"Losing your home because you inadvertently let your grass get too long is the very definition of an excessive fine," Ari Bargil, an attorney at the Institute for Justice, said in a statement.

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A man may lose his home due to the height of his grass. While some people might think "Well, just cut your grass regularly and the government will leave you alone," it isn’t always that simple. Jim Ficken knows this all too well. The city of Dunedin, Florida, is trying to steal his home because the grass was too tall.

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